I decided to take down my blog because it wasn’t doing anything for my life anymore. Every two years or so I get restless and delete my tumblr after building a community. This is the third time I have deleted a tumblr account. Sometimes I regret it— but that will pass. It always does. 

Tumblr, after a point, begins to be something to hide in. I find an online community so I don’t have to create one in reality. I show care to books and movies and television shows rather than the people I love, my work, or my writing. It’s time I get serious about my life again. It’s time I start putting what’s first first. 

So this is goodbye. It was a swell year and a half on board and-godspeed. I appreciate the people I’ve had the opportunity to get to know— if you want to keep in contact, shoot me an email at jay.r.saylor@gmail.com.

This is Jay Saylor signing off.

Goodnight and Godspeed.